balot_by_queijokuki_hdrBalot – One of the most googled foods in the internet. The famous savory unborn chicken or duck still in its egg called Balot. Yeah, yeah I know, I know. This looked like a freaky scene from an alien movie and the thought that this is a delicacy is a little scary and you would ask yourself the question why would people eat this? Before we answer that question. Lets look back in time and find out where Balot came from. I don’t want to bore you with wikipedia material but i’ll give a short historical background of how Balot came about to the Philippines. Chinese Traders introduced this delicacy to the Philippines in the 17th century and was adopted locally to become one of the most common street food in the Philippines. There you go. Now I know most of you are not going to visit the Philippines just to eat Balot but I can tell you that if you want an ice breaker. Gobble one of this down and follow it with a good bottle of San Miguel beer and you will have a crowd cheering your name and maybe get a date. Just kidding. There’s a process to eating balot. You have to select the heaviest egg from the bunch to make sure its juicy. Peel the butt end of the balot just enough to expose the contents but make sure to not spill the soup. Drink the soup and slowly peel the rest of the egg to expose the embryo. Dip it with the offering sause, either a vinegar mix or salt and pepper, then take the whole thing in one bite. If you think you won’t be able to handle the visual experience. Don’t look at the contents. Just put it in your mouth and enjoy. It doesn’t taste like what you think it is. Its actually good. Taste just like chicken.



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