How to guide to eat Balot

I know the feeling of looking at a new cuisine and you don’t want to look like a newbie. If you follow this guide on how to eat Balot. You more than likely to make new friends and much deserved respect.How to Eat Balut

  1. Pick the heaviest from the bunch. That means you will have more of the savory soup inside that taste just like chicken. (The Darker the Egg. The bigger the Chick.)2605059-Balut-Eggs-0
  2. Find the airpocket in the egg and start cracking.cda395ac_image1
  3. Once you have a crater to this volcanic treat. Add the condiments either rock salt or a vinegar concoction with hot peppers and all kinds of secret stuff. (Available at the site of purchase)how_to_eat_balut_3_MMM80003387
  4. Start slurping the soupy, savory chicken juice.dsc_0468
  5. After all the juice is gone. Peel the egg all the way down almost the other end. Have a little bit of shell left so you can hold onto it. Add more of the salt or vinegar mix at this time. (Optional)Eating-Balut-a-developing-duck-embryo
  6. Say your prayers and take a big biteAmerican-expat-eating-balut-in-the-Philippines
  7. The Beer to flush down all your sins. Amen.san-miguel-beer

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