Top 10 Sweet Street Foods in the Philippines

  1. Banana Cue– Its fried banana with sugar glaze on a stick. Eat it with Coke or Pepsi and you are good to go.

    Banana Cue
  2. Turon– Fried banana in a rice wrap with Jackfruit or Ube inside and sugar glaze. Its good eaten in room temperature with ice cream.

  3. Carioca– Its fried glutenous rice with sugar glaze. Eat it warm. Its not good when it get’s cold.

  4. Puto– Is made of steamed rice with cheese on top. Puto is good to eat with Dinuguan or by itself.

    5. Bibingka– Is made by grilling a mixture of rice flour and coconut juice in a mold over banana leaves over hot coal. Bibingka is best eaten warm with a cold soda.


    6. Palitaw– Is made by placing a dough made of rice flour and coconut juice in boiling water and later sprinkled with sugar and ground coconut. Best eaten cold by itself.


    7. Kutsinta-Is made using a mixture of Tapioca Flour, Flour and sugar with Atsuete for coloring. Best eaten cold with freshly ground coconut and little sprinkle of sugar on top.


    8. Puto Bumbong-Is made with sweet glutenous rice, Black Rice and regular rice cooked inside a bamboo stick and steamed. Must be eaten right away with brown sugar and freshly ground coconut with coffee or hot chocolate.

    Puto Bumbong

    9. Taho-Is made from silken tofu with Arnibal sweetener and sago. Best eaten warm by itself.


    10. Dirty Ice Cream– Ok, first off. It’s not dirty, I believe the term was coined due to the fact that back in the day. The local vendors would make the ice cream in their outdoor kitchens which we call dirty kitchen hence the name dirty ice cream. We also call it “Sorbetes” but its mostly known for the other name. Beside’s the controversial name. This ice cream is my favorite. You can eat it with the burger bun. Yes! In a burger bun! Or the typical boring cone. Enjoy.


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